We are committed to the highest standards of patient care. We offer an assortment of modern periodontics services using the latest in advanced technology. We work together in partnership with your general dentist to assist patients in achieving optimal oral health.

Whether you were referred to our practice for a specific procedure or you are in need of a professional periodontist for long-term health care needs, we assure you that you can expect compassionate care from each of our team members.

Our diagnostic procedure is quite thorough. Subsequently, our recommended treatment plans take all of your oral health care needs into consideration. You can think of it as holistic periodontist care. We work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your oral health.

At all stages of your treatment, you will be apprised of what is happening. We believe wholeheartedly in patient education, effective communication and we welcome your participation in the decision making process.

During your visits, our team members will make every effort to ensure your comfort. Our office has been designed with patient relaxation in mind, and we offer several methods to help you relax during your treatments.

We also work hard to help you to manage the financial aspects of your treatments. Our experienced financial team can help you to navigate the insurance requirements or to recommend some alternative financing options.

As you will see below, we offer a wide range of periodontist services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please contact our office. In the meantime, we look forward to meeting you!

Major Procedures Involved With Periodontics

Dental Implants

Dental implants solve the problem of one or more teeth lost to periodontal disease or another reason. You don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of missing teeth. With dental implants, a realistic faux tooth can be implanted in its place to give you the appearance of a full and natural looking smile.

Dental implants help with a variety of issues surrounding missing teeth. The implant allows the periodontist to place a tooth where the empty cavity was. When a tooth is missing, it can interfere with speaking, chewing and the alignment of neighboring teeth. With dental implants, these problems can be solved.

Gum Grafts

When periodontal disease is present, or when the gums are receding around the teeth, the teeth become unhealthy. Over time, this can lead to the loss of the tooth. Gum recession is a condition where the gum comes away from the tooth. This forms a pocket where bacteria can reside. In turn, that bacteria eats away at the tooth. Gum grafts can correct this problem.

A gum tissue graft is simply a procedure where healthy skin is grafted from the roof of your mouth or another place and grafted where the gums have receded around the unhealthy tooth. The tissue then grows and forms part of the new gum tissue. The end result is completely natural looking and helps to keep your tooth healthy.

Bone Grafting

Some patients have severe bone loss in the jaw. In a case like this, the bone may no longer be sufficient to support the teeth. This results in loose teeth and ultimately the teeth may fall out. With bone grafting, the periodontist helps to promote new bone growth so that a dental implant can be placed in the future. This helps to restore functionality and the aesthetic appearance of the jaw and teeth.

Bone graft materials may be harvested from your own bone or another place. They are then surgically inserted into the area of the jaw that needs the bone growth. The graft regenerates the bone in the jaw, resulting in more bone to strengthen and heal the oral structure.

Patient Comfort

Oral Sedation

If you have fear or phobia around visiting the dentist, it’s likely that you may have avoided having regular dental checkups over the years. This is the kind of situation that usually leads to periodontal disease. Now, with advanced treatments and the option to have sedation dentistry, you can finally relax about going to the dentist!

Don’t suffer any longer than you have to with poor dental health. Call or email our office to make your appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!

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